A Beginners Guide to Pink Plants

When it comes to choosing the perfect house plant for your home, you might assume that there is a choice of green, green.......or more green!

Whilst lovely emerald tones are the standard choice, a growing number of plant lovers are turning to natures rosy side to find something a little bit more beguiling. So if you’re ready to elevate your plant planning to the next level, pink is definately the way to go!

There are a surprising number of pink options available in the world of houseplants, with hues ranging from barbie pinks and bubble-gums to ruby and shell tones. Here we give you a countdown of our top ten pink ladies!


 10. Caladium Caladium Bicolor

Abundantly leafy, with elegant heart-shaped foliage, there are hundreds of these ‘fancy-leaf’ Caladiums to choose from. Some of the most striking are entirely pink, like the beautiful 'pink charm', others are pink-veined or ombre. From the deepest loveheart hues to the palest rosy pearl, this species has something for everyone. Like many pink plants, these beauties hail from tropical climates, and prefer a warm shady spot.

Syngonium Neon

9. Syngonium Neon Syngonium Neon Robusta

An excellent choice for terrariums, the Syngonium Neon is surprisingly one of the least neon pinks on our list! Instead, the delicate heart shaped leaves are matched with an equally delicate shell-pink colouration. Also known as the 'arrowhead plant', this species is technically a vine and does what vines do best...growing into any available space! Although it is less flashy than some others on the list, this plant works perfectly if you prefer spaces with softer colours, as it matches particularly well with greys or muted tones.

Polkadot Plant

8. Pink Polkadot Plant Hypoestes phyllostachya

Now for something a little brighter! These playful little plants are full of personality. They are another plant with a huge catalogue of varients. They reach several metres tall in the wild, but as a houseplant they will grow to fit their container. They can make a particularly beautiful display alongside others in their own species.....especially in different colours. They like a warmer environment and lower light levels to really encourage their pink to pop!


 7. Cordyline Calypso Queen Cordyline Fruticose

With its pretty foliage and loveheart pink colouration, the Calypso Queen gets our top marks in the pink plant sphere! Their vibrant tones marry beautifully with the bright green leaves, and no two have exactly the same pattern! This little gem also thrives in indirect light, so is perfect for keeping as a houseplant. As with many pink plants, Calypso Queen is great for dedicated plant collectors, as the splash of bright colour helps to punctuate an otherwise green dominated space.


6. Pink Anthurium Anthurium Andraeanum

Whilst these colourful blooms have the outward appearance of flowers, they are actually very colourful modified leaves. Anthurium are also known as the Flamingo Flower and some really do display a very ‘flamingoey’ pink! They also come in a wide range of other colours, from sugary pink to plummy purple. The Pink Anthurium is a beautiful addition to a window or desk space, and unlike most flowering plants the blossoming petals can last for months at a time.

Pink Rubber Plant

5. Pink Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica Ruby

These beautiful soft pink rubber plants are a striking alternative to the more common (and less pink!) types of Ficus Elastica. They have a very 70's vibe and fit into a boho decor room like a dream. They adapt better to your home environment if you grow them up from smaller plants, and once mature they can reach over 8 ft tall ( although in the wild rubber plants might reach dizzying heights of over 100ft!). Avoid Ficus species if you're sensitive to latex, as these plants are a natural source (hence the name, Rubber plant!).


 4. Transcantia Transcantia Nanouk + Zebrina

Transcantia varieties are definitely among the hottest pink options out there right now! Our two top picks are Transcantia Zebrina and Transcantia Nanouk. They can be easily propagated and spread happily when given the room to grow. Nanouk is a soft blush pink, banded with candy green striping. Zebrina (also known as Inch plants) are a great choice for hanging baskets or Kokodama, as the lush cascade of beautiful blackberry-stained leaves will happily wind its way around the walls.

Prayer Plant

3. Calathea Prayer Plant Maranta Leuconeura

One of the most endearing things about the Maranta Leuconeura is the way its leaves rise and fall at dawn and dusk.This is the reason that it is commonly refered to as a ‘Prayer plant’. Once the sun sets, the leaves gently droop and seem a little sleepy (they look like they need a watering!) only to perk up again the next morning and cheer you on as you get ready to face the world. The vibrant pink on this plant can be found underneath (on the leaf belly) as well as in the vein pattern running through the leaves. The pink is so bright and clear against the green that it appears almost fluorescent!


 2. Calathea Stromanthe Triostar Stromanthe sanguinea

This shade loving plant is a riot of colour that grabs serious attention. The variegation is a blend of ivory pink and apple green with ruby magenta beneath. The burst of colourful foliage changes with every angle, and it is one of the most visually interesting plants. Too much light can fade the pink colouration however, so these stunning plants are best placed in a shadier spot with a slightly higher humidity.

Pink Princess philodendron

 1. Pink Princess Philodendron Erubescens

This Princess has moved up in the world over the last few years and is now the undisputed Queen of pink plants! The contrast between the lacquer-like emerald leaves and pastel variegation makes this a sell-your-soul-to-buy-it kind of plant. Part of the mystique of the Philodendron Pink Princess is that there is no guarantee that the plant will produce any pink leaves at all. This has led to inflated prices for the mature plants, those that are already showing plenty of pink variegation. A word of caution though...... because this variety comes with a premium price tag there are plenty of fraudsters trying to take advantage of its popularity and high value. Philodendron ‘Congo’ has a similar appearance to the Pink Princess but has been chemically treated to produce bubble-gum pink leaves…..so if you decide to splash out, make sure that your purchasing a genuine Pink Princess from a reputable seller!


So, there you have it, our pick of the top beautiful pink plants! Do you have a favourite pink plant? Let us know in the comments!